From the Clovis Police Department: How not to be a vehicle theft statistic

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July 13, 2018
Vehicle owners can help these statistics by simply not becoming a target.

1.    LOCK your vehicle. - Criminals are checking your door handles for an easy target!
2.    HIDE your valuables or take them to a secure location. – Purses, wallets, electronics, guns are items criminals are looking for inside your vehicle.
3.    TAKE the keys out of the vehicle when not in use. – Don’t give the criminals a free ride!
4.    REPORT suspicious activity. – If you see someone or something that looks out of the ordinary, contact the Police Department.
5.    KEEP vehicle information on hand. – Vehicle description, license plate, VIN, color, or special markings can help Police report and possibly locate the vehicle faster.

Don’t become a statistic! Here are some tips on how you can help protect your vehicle.

The Clovis Police Department encourages everyone to contact the Police if you suspect criminal activity in the area. Please Dial 911 for emergencies or 575-769-1921 with suspicious activity information.